Game Show Gumbo

Updated: 2/2/2020

A sad time in the world as January is thankfully behind us. We end the month with one final death and in the TV world, it's the loss of a true legend. Fred Silverman, who was the head at CBS during the rebirth of their Daytime in 1972 and NBC when he was responsible for its destruction in 1980 with the Letterman Experiment passed away. We here at Game Show Gumbo give our condolences to the family.

Also on the sad front is the death of Marc Power's dog Skye. He talks more about that in the latest Games O'Canada while also talking about Love Me, Love Me Not.

Some new Gumbo episodes are up in the episodes section with the debut of the Game Show Tiermaker with Nickelodeon Game Shows from 1986-2003 and a new Look At The Schedule talking about NBC from January of 1987.

Lastly, a brand new Gumbocast is out. This time it's After Dark and Cyndi alongside Jordan Hass talk about various items such as In Search Of Canada's Game Shows among other things.

Previous Update: 1/11/2020 - A brand new year as we head into the 2020s and we have lots of big news. Jeopardy's Greatest of All Time is drawing 14-16 Million viewers, which outdraws all of the shows ABC/ESPN/Disney put out this season, save for the 49ers/Seahawks Week 10 game on Monday Night Football. This is the biggest event in game shows and we're all in on it and glad to see it's paying dividents for ABC and most importantly, all the Jeopardy fans and staffers out there.

We've also updated the website for Game Show Gumbo as all of the past Game Show Gumbo & Look At The Schedule videos are now on here as part of the Episodes section, including the latest Top 5 Interesting Facts about Wheel of Fortune as we celebrate its 45th anniversary on TV. Also up is a brand new Gumbocast where myself and Jordan Hass give some random thoughts about the past month in game shows and the like. Finally, Marc Power has a brand new Games O'Canada up where he talks about the Comedy Network show, You Bet Your Ass. Hope everyone enjoys the updates.

Previous Update: 12/6/2019 - Perhaps I need to stop getting sick or hospitalized so we can update this more often. Gumbocast has been updated with a brand new episode where me and Jordan Hass talk the Greatest Of All Time specials that will be airing on ABC, as well as the entirity of Summer Fun And Games getting renewed and more!

Also, we have lost our monetization on YouTube again, so this could mean the end of the Game Show Gumbo video series. So instead, we'll be doing random videos involving game shows, including wrapping up The Games Of '90, which will be starting back up in 2020. So, Patreon support is much appreciated. Click on the Patreon button and even a $1 pledge a month helps out a lot!

Previous update: 11/18/2019 - The Gumbocast section is fully up with a brand new edition of the Gumbocast! Myself and Jordan Hass talk about the latest issues in the game show world, namely Vanna substituting for Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune due to Pat's intestinal surgery, the Jeopardy 2019 Tournament of Champions & much more!

Speaking of Jeopardy, news broke that we're going to have a Battle of the Best between James Holzhauer, Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings on ABC starting January 3rd. It's going to be a barnburner folks!

Previous update: 11/6/2019 - Pardon our dust as we are starting to launch our new website. We've started the migration from Game Show Garbage to Game Show Gumbo! You'll be able to see all the episodes of Game Show Gumbo here, as well as the Gumbocasts. Not only that, the series "The Games Of '90" and "Games O'Canada" Will be here as well. We have also embedded our Twitter feed on the side as well as links to all the pages above and direct links to our Discord and Patreon pages! Click on some links and enjoy the new site! We will be updating certain sections first such as Games O'Canada with a new episode in Face The Music first.